[CentOS] Kickstart from floppy falling into regular install

Fri Jul 28 15:45:24 UTC 2006
Alfred von Campe <alfred at 110.net>

On Jul 28, 2006, at 11:33, Robert Moskowitz wrote:

> I took my anaconda-ks.cfg file, cp to ks.cfg and copied to a floppy
> The isos have been copied to an ftp server.  So I had the following  
> lines in my ks.cfg
> intall
> url    (yes the ftp server's directory is the  
> Centos directory)

It might help if you posted your actual ks.cfg file (or at least the  
first 10 lines or so).  The two lines you posted both have typos in  
them.  They should look like this instead:

   url --url

Actually, the ftp url should include the username and password  
according to the documentation, but since you mentioned that you can  
see some access in the ftp logs, this may not be required.

BTW, any reason you chose ftp over http or NFS?