[CentOS] Syslog

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Wed Jun 28 01:25:32 UTC 2006

Jason Bradley Nance wrote:
>>    It was not the package itself.  It's OK.  it was the syslog.conf 
>> that I had made an error in an entry I didn't catch at first.  There 
>> is no such thing as a "local8" and that is what I had for logging.  
>> That was what was killing the whole shebang.  I knew the syslog had 
>> changed, I just didn't catch the error by being in a hurry.
> You said you had DEFAULT install.  Here's the exact quote:
> Me: "Is this a default syslog config or has it been modified to maybe
> redirect to a logging box?"
> You: "No, logging box -- everything as far as syslog and messages is 
> default."
> Redirecting all logging to a different level is not default.
> The point is if you would have ran the command and seen that the 
> config file had changed you could have looked into it and saw that 
> there was something messed up.
> j
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I *DID* look at the config file, and I knew when I looked, it had 
changed.  When I stated it was a default install, I meant there was no 
logging box involved.  If you insist on continuing on with this dialog 
because I didn't do as you stated, then take it offline.  Nobody wants 
to hear two grown men bitch at each other.  As far as I'm concerned, 
this discussion is over.  I made the mistake, and I admitted it.  What 
more do you want? A confession?

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