[CentOS] Apache config for php?

rado rado at rivers-bend.com
Thu Mar 2 04:37:01 UTC 2006

> > I want be able to embed php in html code...following along in php
> > freak's manual but can't get anywhere yet
> >
> if you have done
> [ root at radobox ~]# yum install php
> then do ....
> /etc/init.d/httpd restart
> it should configure it automatically for you.
> Then create a script in your document root such as....
> index.php
> <?php
> phpinfo();
> ?>
> you should see a bunch of information....
> At what stage are you stuck at ?

The Jim and Robin for your replies.
what's bothering me, lol ya rite! what's bothering me is that I don't
know what I'm doing! lol , no really, the following 2 points:

[root at rbadmin bin]# rpm -q php
[root at rbadmin bin]# 

and I did this that I found somewhere on the web but can't find it
[root at rbadmin bin]# cat <<EOP > script-test.php3
> #!/usr/bin/php -q
> <? echo "PHP script interpreter is OK!\n"; ?>
[root at rbadmin bin]# chmod 755 script-test.php3
[root at rbadmin bin]# script-test.php3
PHP script interpreter is OK!

I also thought I saw a line in my httpd.conf referring to php but I
think I'm losing it.

k...tommorrow morn I am going to do what y'all suggested.

thx for your help


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