[CentOS] Moving files to new server

Thomas E Dukes edukes at alltel.net
Sun Mar 5 15:12:25 UTC 2006


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>   Hello,
> I am getting a new computer and am going to need to move the 
> files from the old to the new.  What is the best way to do this?
> Should I install CentOS from scratch on the new computer then 
> move the directories I need?  How do I maintain permissions 
> if this is the best way?
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> If you install centos on the new comp, create users on the 
> new comp with the same user name and user ID as on the old 
> one(you can refer to /etc/passwd for UID).
> Plug the HDD of the new comp to the old linux machine Create 
> a folder, say "NewHDD" in /mnt Mount the new HDD partition 
> (where you want your data to be copied to) to /mnt/NewHDD Use 
> the cp command as root with --preserve[=ATTR_LIST] option to 
> copy the files from their old(old HDD) location to new 
> location(on the new HDD). Refer to man cp for more info about 
> cp options.
> Hope it help
> Thai

Thanks for your reply.  

I can see that this is not going to be easy any way I do it.  I was also
thinking of backing up the old system, install a fresh CentOS on the new,
then do a restore on it.  Would that work?  I just want to make sure I have
everthing on the new as the old.


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