[CentOS] Iptables hangs at shutdown

Paul Schoonderwoerd paul at pollux-it.nl
Tue Mar 7 12:59:23 UTC 2006

Hmmm, this used to happen on my (former) Redhat 8.0 server.
It appeared to hang now and then on unloading the ip_conntrack_ftp module.
As a workaround I used to stop the network manually, followed by stopping 
iptables and then rebooting the system from a second login.
One of the reasons I moved to CentOS (4.2).


On Tuesday 07 March 2006 02:54, Jason Dixon wrote:
> Hi all-
> I have a Centos 3.6 server in production that hadn't been rebooted in
> quite some time.  I was finally onsite today and took the chance to
> reboot into the most current kernel, but the box hung  while
> "stopping iptables".  Some Googling led me to one or two reports of
> systems hanging while the iptables initscript unloaded the modules.
> Has anyone else encountered this?  I haven't seen anything in the
> archives to suggest this is a widespread (or even known) problem.
> Because this locks the system where I can't perform any other
> activities, it's near impossible to troubleshoot.  Can anyone point
> to anything in the initscript that I might be able to disable as a
> workaround?
> Thanks,
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