[CentOS] How to test RAID-5

Simone simone72 at email.it
Thu Mar 9 10:07:10 UTC 2006

Hi, once you remove sda, you need to setup grub on sdb to get it 
working. Just boot from the CentOS cd1 into linux rescue mode, and it 
should autodetect your system and mount it under /mnt/sysimage.
Once you're in,
chroot /mnt/sysimage
/sbin/grub --> you get a prompt grub>

In my case I read in my grub.conf:
title CentOS (2.6.9-
        root (hd0,0)

so at the grub> prompt I would type

grub> root (hd0,0)
grub> setup (hd0)
grub> quit

You can then exit, reboot and your system should be up and running.

Hope this helps

Fajar Priyanto wrote:

>Hi all,
>1. Is RAID-5 fault tolerant?
>2. I make a RAID-5 array with 3 disk. The /boot is on RAID-1 partition, the 
>rest are raided 5. When I simulate disk failure by unplugging sda and 
>restarting Centos. Grub fails in stage 1.5. What is the correct way of 
>simulating harddisk failure in RAID-5? If I unplug the other drives, it 
>manages to boot ok.
>Thank you.

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