[CentOS] Pyhton Install location/building rpm

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Mar 9 15:01:02 UTC 2006

Sanjay Arora wrote:
> Hello All
> I need to install Python 2.4.2 for installing Zope. What is the
> location for python that should be given in the ./configure --prefix
> directive?
> /usr/lib is for python libraries..isn't it and thats where I find most
> of python installed except for the python binary in /sbin
> Should I uninstall the normal python installed in Centos 4.2 by
> default before installing from source?
> Can someone guide me about how to create a source rpm for Python &
> Zope and where to find the spec files? Please note that this is my
> first attempt at building rpm of any kind, so please give me links
> accordingly. I would like to maintain latest stable release of Python
> & Zope and if possible, build their rpm and contribute the same to
> centos contrib repo, since I will be building it anyway. Please guide.
> I will also need someone to test the rpm, before releasing into
> contrib, if it is wanted.

consider this -> there are a lot of apps that require and are bound to 
the python version distributed within centos itself. An updated python 
will almost never make it into any of the centos repositories. if you 
really really need an updated python, look at the pyvault repo. And 
remember, you will move a significant number of system components from 
centos away to pyvault's repo. Your upgrade path and security fix patch 
for these pkgs and components will also no longer be centos.

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