[CentOS] Pyhton Install location/building rpm

Sanjay Arora sanjay.k.arora at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 18:28:12 UTC 2006

On 3/9/06, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:

> consider this -> there are a lot of apps that require and are bound to
> the python version distributed within centos itself. An updated python
> will almost never make it into any of the centos repositories. if you
> really really need an updated python, look at the pyvault repo. And
> remember, you will move a significant number of system components from
> centos away to pyvault's repo. Your upgrade path and security fix patch
> for these pkgs and components will also no longer be centos.

I did not consider this. CentOS was a delibrate choice as it offered a
tested system. Now, requirement of Plone is getting me to upgrade to
Python 2.4

My question is:
- Pyvault Repo - as the repository is offering the latest Python, the
focus must be on introducing the latest software, it would become
vulnerable to untested bugs, just as Fedora would be?

- Regarding Leonel's suggestion of installing a second copy of Python
into /opt from source & zope/plone into the same...what security risk
would I be inviting? I don't want to compromise the entire machine, as
it would be on the web & prone to at least the automated probe based
attacks, assuming I am not important enuff to be attacked for my own

- I am currently experimenting with Xen. Would moving the machine to a
Xen Kernel build & using the standard Centos version for mail & web in
one dom and the newer python with zope/plone on second, be a better
security model? I am assuming Xen based kernel won't introduce any new
vulnerabilities into the Centos...am I correct?

- Or should I get a seperate machine for the Plone CMS altogether,
though it would be a waste of resources, because both machines will
have little load for at the very least a year.

- Can anyone suggest a Distro, that is has latest python but has a
slower release schedule than Fedora & is solid from the point of view
of releasing only stable versions of softwares. I want to consider
this as an option for a seperate Plone machine.

-OR can anyone suggest a CMS that works with postgreSQL and offers a
full workflow model like plone & is as versatile. I would not mind
replacing proposed installation plone & remain with Centos, if I can
find something as good. I already don't like Plone's half-heated
support of postgreSQL and its trying to invent its own web-server
instead of using apache, which is rock-solid.

Please comment.

With regards.

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