[CentOS] Help with installing on Supermicro X6DHT-G server Marvell H2 SATA

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Sat Mar 11 12:26:27 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-03-11 at 08:13 -0400, Chris Mason (Lists) wrote:
> I am trying to build a file server with 1 x 80 GB main drive and 4 x 500 
> GB SATA drives in RAID in a Supermicro 3U server.
> I found out the hard way that Centos 4.2 does not have a driver for the 
> onboard Marvell H2 controller the drives are connected to.
> Supermicro techs sent me aar81xx.rhel4qu2.i686.img as an img file. I 
> used dd to copy to a floppy and dd confirmed successful write.
> I booted Centos 4.2 and chose linux dd. When prompted I inserted the 
> floppy and the driver was loaded. However, when it came to partitioning 
> the drives, no drives could be found. I tried loading the driver during 
> install using F2 for "other drivers", still no go.
> Has anyone had success with this process or am I doing it wrong? The img 
> file can be downloaded from 
> http://www.masonc.com/aar81xx.rhel4qu2.i686.img if anyone would like to 
> test it.
> -- 
> Chris Mason
> NetConcepts


The standard 4.2 ISOs boot an i586 kernel not an i686 kernel.

Try the 4.2 single server CD and you might have better luck (it boots an
i686 kernel).

The upcoming 4.3 ISO set for the i386 arch will boot an i686 kernel by
default and require people to pass in i586 if they want to install on an
i586 machine.  This will solve the dd issue once and for all :)

How it will work:

For most users (everyone except pentium classic and VIA / Cyrix i586
users) it will be press enter as normal (or linux followed by any
switches ... just like now).  This will behave and use the exact same
type of kernel (built from sources of course) as the upstream provider.

For i586 users ... you would do:

i586 <Enter>

The above command would boot the i586 kernel and install on an i586
machine.  This is an option not offered by either the upstream provider
(or many of the other rebuild projects).

For rescue it will be the same .. for normal users:

linux rescue <Enter>

for i586 users

i586 rescue <Enter>

Johnny Hughes
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