[CentOS] Centosplus & CentOS Extras, Enlarge your tent

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sat Mar 11 16:42:55 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-03-11 at 08:13 -0800, Jim Smith wrote:
> I know about dag's repo from the bad old fedora days (when ATRPMS,
> LIVINA wouldn't play nicely), but his webmin is older than the
> official one.
indeed - and in fact, if you expect repos to always have the latest
versions, then you should probably forget using repos and compile
yourself. Since Jamie was sponsored by OpenCountry, webmin has been
updating more frequently.

webmin however is a special case and I personally don't use anybody's
rpm packaging but rather use the tarball and install from source. That's
peculiar to webmin because it has a beautiful mechanism for updating
> On the subject of wine and winetools, the winehq rpms work properly
> with centOS. The KBS repo may not be aware of this situation and they
> have included a dud wine-tools (note the hyphen) which is not
> winetools.
> The other issue is that for example i reinstalled apt, apt-devel and
> synaptic from centos extras and the rpmforge has newer versions of
> apt, apt-devel and synaptic. KBS repo if enabled would overwrite the
> rpmforge apt,apt-devel and synaptic even if KBS does not suupport
> apt4rpm.
> I hope CentOS does not get to the "Fedora sharks repo" situation -
> where  the repos compete and overwrite the base system files giving
> unexpected results.
I am not completely sure that I agree with the above. Sometimes you have
to break eggs to cook them. Some packaging requires updated base modules
to function...unfortunate but true. If 'upstream' refuses to update
certain base packages, then they might have to be replaced by a repo to
get other packages installed...you takes your chances. Good luck getting
things like mythtv installed without updating some of the 'core'
packages...which is why I think (rather unfairly), Axel Thimms gets a
lot of heat for his repo...because he is actually making edge packages
work and sometimes he has to break eggs.

I think the larger issue between Fedora repositories was standardization
of naming that provided a logical system for one repository to evaluate
its versioning against another and that seems to have gotten worked out
in FC-4 repos.
> Craig, where is the KDE-Redhat  repo, I'm not a fan of KDE but if
> they have a newer SAMBA, I'll see whether it can quiten the logs.

I doubt I would usually install an update for something that is
functioning but is noisily logging...generally, the noisy logging is due
to other circumstances.

Note that kde-redhat repo is packaging samba 3.0.21c and there are quite
a few changes between that and the 3.0.10-x that CentOS-4 supplies.

And by the way, while we are on the subject - Thanks Johnny, Karanbir,
Jim, Ignacio, Pasi, Lance for all your efforts...which are obviously
taking a good amount of your time with all the updates recently


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