[CentOS] Centosplus & CentOS Extras, Enlarge your tent

Jim Perrin jperrin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 14:56:59 UTC 2006

> On the subject of stability & built to work for CentOS :-
> - the rpms at http://www.winehq.com/site/download-rh
> (wine-0.9.2-1centos4winehq.src.rpm) do just that. There is no need to
> blindly follow the fedora rebuilds,

Huh? Not a concern of mine. It's not in CentosPlus. As to the
KBS-fedora rebuilds repository blindly following fedora rebuilds.....
Have you fully thought that through? It's MEANT to be a rebuild of
fedora extras...

> WineTools http://www.von-thadden.de/Joachim/WineTools/ - WineTools is
> a menu driven installer for installing Windows programs. This
> software lets you install the following Windows software: DCOM98,
> IE6, Windows Core Fonts, Windows System Software, Office & Office
> Viewer, Adobe Photoshop 7, Illustrator 9 and many other programs.

Yes, I'm quite well aware of what it is.

> Jim, if you maintain extras then tell me the need for you having apt,
> apt-devel & synaptic ; rpmforge having their versions (it would
> overwrite the extras one) and KBS which does not support apt having
> their own which would overwrite the extras & rpmforge ones.

Because users request it. Not everyone uses those repositories, and
many larger users maintain their own repos. Personally I prefer yum,
and apt was in the repo before I joined the centos team. I don't care
if other repositories support it or not. It's entirely up to them.

> The problem with some of the 3rd party repos that overwrite system
> files, (look at the example i gave of one repo even wanting to
> overwrite selinux) is that the maintainers live in a cuckoo world and
> do not respond to feedback. What is the point of replacing core
> system files if all you need is mythtv?

No one ever said ATrpms was a cooperating repository. Dag is
frequently in irc and the developers channel discussing things. KBS is
built by a centos maintainer. If you have a problem with a particular
repository, then don't use them.

> Fedora is fedora. CentOS is CentOS. What is the purpose of a
> fedoralized CentOS?

Centosplus and centos extras hardly lead to a fedoralized centos.
Please lay off the blatantly false and inflammatory rhetoric. It leads
to postfix with database support, and other such useful backend server

I'm not sure that this thread will become as productive as it started
out, so until it does... I have better things to do.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety''
Benjamin Franklin 1775

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