[CentOS] USB key problems on enterprise systems

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Mon Mar 13 04:13:55 UTC 2006

Collins Richey wrote:
> We had opened a trouble ticket with RH support for the RHEL4 problem,
> but they're not interested "we don't provide support for USB devices".
> A really NOT fine, but to be expected, attitude.

We had a number of machines that were under paid RHEL support for a few 
years and the 2 or 3 times we ever called them, when we really needed 
help, the answer was also "you're SOL, we don't support that" and I had 
to get the answers from the community at large.  While we resolved the 
problem each time, it just left a very sour taste in our mouth and left 
us wondering what would happen if we were REALLY in a jam.  And this was 
on enterprise Compaq/HP Proliant rack servers in a datacenter 
environment doing vanilla web/database/mail/dns chores...nothing 
exotic.  That's when I discovered CentOS and decided it wasn't worth 
paying Redhat for continued non-support when I could get better support 
and the same product with CentOS.


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