[CentOS] USB key problems on enterprise systems

Collins Richey crichey at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 03:02:00 UTC 2006

On 3/12/06, Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com> wrote:
> Collins Richey wrote:
> > We had opened a trouble ticket with RH support for the RHEL4 problem,
> > but they're not interested "we don't provide support for USB devices".
> > A really NOT fine, but to be expected, attitude.
> >
> We had a number of machines that were under paid RHEL support for a few
> years and the 2 or 3 times we ever called them, when we really needed
> help, the answer was also "you're SOL, we don't support that" and I had
> to get the answers from the community at large.  While we resolved the
> problem each time, it just left a very sour taste in our mouth and left
> us wondering what would happen if we were REALLY in a jam.  And this was
> on enterprise Compaq/HP Proliant rack servers in a datacenter
> environment doing vanilla web/database/mail/dns chores...nothing
> exotic.  That's when I discovered CentOS and decided it wasn't worth
> paying Redhat for continued non-support when I could get better support
> and the same product with CentOS.

Spoken as a person with a great deal of common sense.

Would that an equal amount of common sense were distributed amongst
the VP and upward levels of companies like ours that have determined
"you will not use open source products." Paying through the nose is
just what we want.

I have no doubt that the support from CentOS and especially from this
list is 1000x better than support from RH, but it matters not: the
gods have spoken.

Collins Richey
      The agnostic dyslexic insomniac lies awake wondering if there is a dog.

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