[CentOS] Printing problem

Jose Alburquerque jaalburquerque at cox.net
Tue Mar 14 23:19:52 UTC 2006

Jose Alburquerque wrote:

> Hi.  I've been running CentOS 4 since it was released (since 4.0).  I
> did a fresh install and have kept it updated using up2date and yum so at
> present my system is running CentOS 4.2.  I mostly use my system as a
> super-user and so I can mostly do everything without worrying too much
> about permissions.  Not too long ago I created a "general" user account
> which is automatically logged in after a few seconds for others to have
> (limited) access to the system (default desktop is GNOME).  Mostly
> everything works (ie. CD/DVD writing, sound, floppy access, etc.)  But
> when it comes to printing, only a specific "lpr" at the command prompt
> (in a terminal) does the job.  I've tried printing from mozilla, ggv and
> firefox without success.  The funny thing is that an app such as gedit
> does print.  (I'm guessing it's because gedit uses some sort of a2ps ->
> lpr combination).  I have an Epson Stylus C82 connected via a USB cable
> and my system is running CUPS.  Can anyone enlighten me?  Thanks so much.
> Sincerely
> Jose Alburquerque
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Could every one please ignore this post?  I already got a reply in the 
thread "Printing from apps as a regular user..." (which of course, is 
the same question as the post above).  I just thought that more info was 
need for an answer, so I re-sent it with as much info as I thought could 
help, but my original post received a clear answer.  Thanks.

Jose Alburquerque

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