[CentOS] Postfix + MySQL + IMAP + Squirrelmail + Virtual Domains + Web Management.

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Fri Mar 17 20:08:18 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 13:01 -0600, Brent DiNicola wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have long read and followed this list. I have also spent a 
> considerable time with our good friend Google.
> I am a long time Sendmail user, about 15 yrs now. I have recently been 
> looking into the newer services and the Postfix setup seems to be a very 
> nice one. I am migrating a mail server from 3.x to 4.x and was intending 
> on trying out Postfix on the 4.x server. I have found /alot/ of HowTo's 
> covering various Postfix implementations. I have tried a few of these to 
> various stages, some completely, some partially. I have not however 
> found one that would take a CentOS 4.x system from Sendmail to Postfix 
> completely. I can get Postfix to work. I can get MySQL to work with in 
> some cases Cyrus and Courier for the IMAP services. I can get some 
> Virtual Domain working but not completely. I can't however get it to 
> actually work all together. I have a bit of ignorance with Cyrus/Courier 
> IMAP as I have previously just had a simple Squirrelmail to Sendmail 
> with stock IMAP services and all my users previously were real UNIX 
> accounts, which I am trying to not require now.
> Does anyone have a real HowTO that goes from a stock 4.x load to Postfix 
> etc.? I have follow Hughes HOWTO but it also skips the Courier/Cyrus 
> part. I have gotten it all working except it doesn't make any MailDirs 
> so then Squirrelmail freaks with Invalid Mailbox errors.

My How-to doesn't cover Courier because it has it's own special mailbox
format and does not use normal Linux users.  Dovecot does use normal
Linux users and the standard maildir format.

>  It's quite 
> frustrating to me because most of the HowTO's skip steps, like getting 
> users into the SQL (which I have figured out a few times). It would be 
> nice to have a real HOWTO that does /all/ the steps from stock to this 
> configuration.

My solution specifically is not a mysql / courier solution.  It is a
Dovecot / IMAP / SquirrelMail w/o virtual domains.

> If I have missed previously posted good HowTo's please point me to them 
> and I apologize for the oversight. I have done many google/mailing list 
> searches and they all seem to be 'almost' a how to.

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