[CentOS] Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the slowest of them all? CentOS

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Sat Mar 18 22:46:04 UTC 2006

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 08:26 -0800, Jim Smith wrote:
>> --- Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com> wrote:
>>> Name one distro ... other than Lineox ... that has respun CDs for
>>> EL4
>>> update3 out right now.
>> Piebox released theirs on March 10th. See distrowatch weekly or
>> http://www.piebox.com/news.php#2006-03-10 
>> Some of you are taking this way too personally, take the truth one
>> pinch at a time.
> Last time I checked, PieBox and Lineox were not Free ... and require
> subscriptions to buy their products 

Should also point out that neither of these two, piebox and lineox, 
have either more than a handfull of users, nor do they support the same 
number of Arch's or support the extra work that we do as a part of CentOS.

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