[CentOS] Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the slowest of them all? CentOS

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Sun Mar 19 14:11:08 UTC 2006

Jim Smith wrote:
> Have you Collins Richey escaped from a lunatic asylum? No wonder 
> you have such trash in your sig.
> Collins Richey - the agnostic dyslexic insomniac lies awake wondering
> if there is a dog.
> If you are unable to provide the response expected from an adult,
> wonder
> off to the kiddies site. Everyone else is taking this on the chin.

All I can say is, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  
The CentOS maintainers are doing a fantastic job and it shows in both 
the public recognition (Linux Journal poll) and in the number of 
installations at hosting facilities using it for real work (Tm).  Your 
trolling post contained not one whit of new or otherwise useful information.

Now run along...

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