[CentOS] cups sharing ipp

Collins Richey crichey at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 20:06:14 UTC 2006

On 3/19/06, boricua at despiertapr.com <boricua at despiertapr.com> wrote:
> have a strange isue. [ this is my 2nd day with centos4]
> nice instalatin BTW
> ok, i activated cupsd sharing and open the port 631 in the security level
> when i lpq from withing a network interface i get thi error
> ~$ lpq
> lpq: error - no default destination available.

> i am able to print from centos.... its from other pc's in the network that i am not
> able
> repeat i open port 631:tcp  i also tried udp
> and in cups config i specified to share the printer

Did you change these defaults in cupsd.conf?

# Only listen for connections from the local machine.
# Listen localhost:631
# Listen /var/run/cups/cups.sock

# Restrict access to the server...
<Location />
  Order allow,deny
  Allow localhost

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