[CentOS] Forced upgrade to 4.3 ?

Kevin Krieser k_krieser at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 23 01:01:23 UTC 2006

You can always download updates individually via ftp.  

There IS always a risk with these bigger upgrades.  The upgrade to 4.2
brought a bug in the dmraid(?) package that broke my home Linux server.  It
took help on this site to finally find the problem, which was in the
upstream provider's version.

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I have Centos 4.2 and I run yum update periodically and manually when 
security patches are released, etc.  Today I saw the sendmail security 
update and although I don't use sendmail (I use Postfix) I ran "yum update" 
and got a huge list of 93 packages to update.  I presume this is to upgrade 
to 4.3.  As this is a production server I'm nervous about doing an update 
that big.

Is there a way to not go to 4.3, or should I just go on and load it?  I have

a few packages I loaded from source, all related to my mail system (dcc, 
razor, amavisd-new, spamassassin).  I'm worried about the 4.3 update hosing 


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