[CentOS] Forced upgrade to 4.3 ?

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Thu Mar 23 00:34:24 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 18:43 -0500, Jim Perrin wrote:
> > Is there a way to not go to 4.3, or should I just go on and load it?  I have
> > a few packages I loaded from source, all related to my mail system (dcc,
> > razor, amavisd-new, spamassassin).  I'm worried about the 4.3 update hosing
> > those.
> 4.3 contains several updates, and is (for lack of a better analogy) a
> quarterly service pack for centos 4. If you fear for production
> systems, set up a local repo or test on development box.  As to things
> you've installed from source.. it depends on HOW you installed them,
> and it's something that any update, regardless of minor version
> changes can interfere with. For instance, today the sendmail update
> came out and is not part of "THE 4.3" update. If you were already on
> 4.3 and had installed your own sendmail, it's entirely possible that
> this update could wreck your day.
> You should consider providing more detail about how you installed from
> source, as well as why you didn't use or rebuild an rpm, or use the
> exclude feature in yum to prevent your own custom packages from
> potentially being overwritten.

At the same time, the /4/ tree is all that gets updates, the 4.2 tree
will be moved to the vault, and no more updates will be applied to it
from this point.

Please read the FAQ concerning update sets and the major versions ...
The Release is CentOS-4 ... 4.3 just means the 3rd update set for
CentOS-4 is applied.


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