[CentOS] Re: dovecot vs Cyrus-Imapd

Peter Farrow peter at farrows.org
Sat Mar 25 00:48:57 UTC 2006

I have seen some instances where Dovecot stops responding on high end 

I've also seen systems where Cyrus gobbles up resources when mailboxes 
get large, to such an extent it cripples the machine.

My preference is Dovecot, it is very easy to setup and maintain.

I might be wrong here but I thought Cyrus has a user base separate to 
the Unix accounts, which is either a PITA or a blessing depending on 
what you want.  My experience is this would be a PITA but for 10,000 
users this could be beneficial...

In each case I would stick with Dovecot...


Jim Perrin wrote:
>>  when when email users aren't system users, even
>> dovecot would have to be managed differently.
> Which is why postfix with db support is included in centosplus.
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