[CentOS] Re: dovecot vs Cyrus-Imapd

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Sat Mar 25 01:00:42 UTC 2006

Peter Farrow wrote:
> I have seen some instances where Dovecot stops responding on high end 
> servers.
> I've also seen systems where Cyrus gobbles up resources when mailboxes 
> get large, to such an extent it cripples the machine.
> My preference is Dovecot, it is very easy to setup and maintain.
> I might be wrong here but I thought Cyrus has a user base separate to 
> the Unix accounts, which is either a PITA or a blessing depending on 
> what you want.  My experience is this would be a PITA but for 10,000 
> users this could be beneficial...
> In each case I would stick with Dovecot...

I'm a sucker for the classics....still running UW IMAP.  8-)  A few 
weeks ago I had folks review the latest/greatest out there for a 
mid-sized company with a few hundred accounts.  They came back with 
Cyrus.  I asked if anyone had looked into dovecot and eyes glazed over.  
So I pointed them at Johnny's dovecot/postfix page and asked that they 
include that in the mix (we've been using postfix since the 90's) and 
after a few hours the group enthusiastically recommended dovecot.  
Either dovecot has lots of advantages for our environment...or it's just 
close to bonus time.  Hopefully, it was the former.  8-)  So we'll be 
switching over "real soon now."


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