[CentOS] UPS Batteries

Dale Sykora dalen at czexan.net
Sat Mar 25 02:42:33 UTC 2006

edukes at alltel.net wrote:
>>From: Mark Schoonover <schoon at amgt.com>
>>Date: 2006/03/24 Fri PM 12:22:21 EST
>>To: 'CentOS mailing list' <centos at centos.org>
>>Subject: RE: [CentOS] UPS Batteries
>>edukes at alltel.net <mailto:edukes at alltel.net> tapped at Friday, March 24,
>>2006 6:21 AM:
>>>This may be a really stupid question, but can a gel type marine
>>>battery be used in a UPS? 
>>I don't think so. Gelcells are different than the sealed lead acid batteries
>>found in UPS's. They have different charging requirements, and will
>>discharge differently than SLAs. Probably best to purchase replacement
>>batteries from the manufacturer...
> Thanks for the info!!
> Eddie
If you are trying to save money, you might want to try the following. 
If you open your UPS and get the model # from the old battery or the 
AmpHour, voltage, and physical size.  You can usually find replacement 
batteries cheaper than a comparable replacement battery kit for your 

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