[CentOS] I am computer literate!

Raymond Lillard rlillard at sonic.net
Sun Mar 26 04:55:32 UTC 2006

Collins Richey wrote:
> On 3/25/06, Steve Bergman <steve at rueb.com> wrote:
>> Craig White wrote:
>>> He's a politician, of course he's a pompous idiot.
>> You're giving him too much credit.
>> Believe me.  Tuttle is too small to have politicians.  There's barely
>> room there for a Boss Hogg. ;-)
> One should be thankful for small miracles. I never saw the post that
> all this refers to. From all accounts, this is a blessing!

'tis a pity his site wasn't on OpenBSD.  I'd like the popcorn
concession for that.


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