[CentOS] Server hosed... maybe?

Rodrigo Barbosa rodrigob at suespammers.org
Tue Mar 28 02:04:37 UTC 2006

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On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 07:46:24PM -0600, Jay Leafey wrote:
> Anyway, I updated two identical servers recently and got the new kernel 
> (2.4.21-40) along with the new initscripts, vixie-cron, squid, and gnupg 
> packages.  I waited until the weekend to reboot one of the two boxes and 
> was encouraged to see that it appeared to come up OK and all the servies 
> started with no apparent problems.  Later on I tried to log in via SSH and 
> was unable to get in.  The login apparently succeeded, but I got no 
> response at all after the password entry.  I wasn't able to log in via the 
> console either, same lack of response.  I rebooted (ctl-alt-del) into 
> single-user mode, which worked fine, and set up syslog to send all messages 
> to /dev/tty12 for debugging purposes and enabled sysrq, then booted back 
> into runlevel 3.  Again, no response after the username/password entry and 
> no messages on tty12 indicating any problems.  Just no shell response at 
> all on root or any of the user accounts set up on the system.
> The box is set up to authenticate against LDAP, but as I mentioned there 
> were no errors from the syslog output that seemed relevant. I'm probably 
>  going to set up a shell on one of the virtual consoles to debug this some 
>  more, but thought I might ask if anybody else has seen anything like this.  
> All other services (http and a Sun directory server) start up fine, but I 
> cannot get a shell in multi-user mode.  I'd like to avoid a rebuild, but 
> that would not be catastrophic as this box is part of a redundant pair.  
> Anybody got any constructive thoughts on this?

Any NFS mounts ?


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