[CentOS] Forum Decorum: a reminder seems appropriate.

Peter Farrow peter at farrows.org
Wed Mar 29 20:17:30 UTC 2006

William L. Maltby wrote:
> I point to the following *not* as a license for more experienced folks
> to become inordinately rude or terse with those who don't stick closely
> to the guidelines presented, but in the hope that some of the newer
> folks may have been ignorant of some of these "net common courtesies".
> My goal is that we'll see "better" questions than some of what we've
> had.
> It starts here
> http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#asking
> and goes through here
> Don't ask people to reply by private e-mail
> There is more of interest and there are postings on the web that are
> shorter and more focused on the "do your homework and reports pertinent
> data", but I'm getting the feeling that a general reminder is in order.
> HTH and no offense targeted at/to anybody.
> Bill
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No offence taken but in the same way I don't think that link really 
follows the spirit of what happens here.

The link you posted implies that you should exhaust all avenues before 
posting to a forum with a question.

That isn't really in the spirit of this type of forum imho.  Typically 
you get *better* answers on this forum than you do searching the web as 
the people here have first hand experience of using Centos.  This forum 
shouldn't be seen as the last place you ask, in my opinion it should be 
one of the first.  Additionally the link you posted asserts that people 
here won't want to be a question posters free consultant.  All the 
people on this list that are regulars are on this list to contribute and 
share experience and information for free.

For Centos questions this really should be one of the first places you 
ask for the best quality answers, after some remedial research.  I enjoy 
being a part of this list as people's questions and the answers and 
ideas exchanged expand your knowledge and lead you to know about what 
others find hard or have had problems with, which is invaluable.

All questions are valid, often people asking the simplest of questions 
are the ones who can benefit the most from information provided here.

Admittedly personal flaming and those who are almost religious in their 
IT beliefs are not welcome on this type of forum, but we've all been in 
situations where comments ignite a passion to set the world 
straight.....and sometimes those discussions are the most amusing and 
thought provoking....--- dare I mention SELinux and disabling it.....  :-P


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