[CentOS] Suggestions on initial CentOS 4.3 Install packages

Phillips, Tod TPhillips at douglasfurniture.com
Tue May 2 23:04:25 UTC 2006

Just want to say thanks for the responses, guys. This will help and
makes me feel a bit more comfortable about how I'm starting out.

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Phillips, Tod wrote:
> My apologies with the HTML encoding on the original post...I'll try 
> not to do that again.

you are more likely to get people's attention by keeping it non-html
fluff :)

> What I'd like to do is get some advice from the community on a good 
> initial setup for my system by listing out some of the things I hope 
> to
> do:

everything you want done, can be and will easily be done on 1 machine, i
would recommend you do a minimum install, then use yum to install
packages are you need to - you dont need everything up front as you
start coding / using the machine. Install as you go along - it will give
you a better understanding of what packages are available and what
depends on what.

Enjoy Linux!

- KB

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