[CentOS] CentOS4 and SiS190 LAN chipset

Nigel Kendrick support-lists at petdoctors.co.uk
Mon May 15 14:55:43 UTC 2006

I have an Asus Pundit AE3 setup as an Asterisk server (Asterisk at Home) and
the only quirk so far is that the onboard SiS190 LAN chipset is not detected
and so I have fitted a full height card for now, but as it's a small
barebones design this means I cannot fit the case cover. I have the option
of throwing in a low-profile LAN card or compiling the OS/drivers - I have
looked into this but it means downloading the SRPMs and (for me) working in
unfamiliar territory.

Is there a simpler way with a pre-compiled driver that I can load as a


Nigel Kendrick

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