[CentOS] wireless card on amd64 and notebook

Jerry Geis geisj at pagestation.com
Mon May 15 15:05:39 UTC 2006

>Jerry Geis wrote:
>>/ All,
/>>/ Over the weekend I purchased a linksys wireless-g PCI card
/>>/ for use in my amd64 box. I downloaded ndiswrapper, compiled, installed,
/>>/ tried to load the driver off the CDROM  and it was a no-go.
/>>/ I have do this on another box with an amd sempron. Difference being
/>>/ 32 bit versus 64 bit...
/>>/ Seems there are no 64 bit drivers for the wireless card.
/>>/ Anyone have a wireless card working on a 64 bit machine?
/>>/ What was the card and driver?
>I've been noticing this more and more as I've been playing with new 
>batches of 64-bit machines.  Johnny seems to have hit the nail on the 
>head when he mentioned something to the effect of "if you're doing 
>straightforward vanilla server things, x86_64 works fine."  Since I 
>don't have any situations (currently) where I need all the extra address 
>space (no big honking databases 'round here or machines with more than a 
>few gigs of RAM), I think I'm just going to revert to the x86 32-bit 
>build to keep my compatibility options open.

>Did you ever get everything working satisfactorily on your athlon_64 
>notebook?  Did you run the 32-bit or 64-bit version of CentOS?



After alot of fuss I did get my compaq R4000 working OK.
I had to put the latest kernel from kernel.org on it and recompile.
This fixed the SLOOWWW ness issue.

Finding ATI drivers fixed the display issues.

Personally I dont like the 1280x800 display. Too small more my taste.
I miss at least having 1600x1200 on my old dell insipron.


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