[CentOS] PHP5 questions

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Mon May 15 21:31:28 UTC 2006

Peter Arremann wrote on Sat, 13 May 2006 19:12:28 -0400:

> It is however pretty easy to do that yourself. Just compile from source, make 
> install and then create a config file. Make sure your extensions don't 
> conflict (i.e. php4 for all php4 files and leave php5 with the standard .php 
> extension)... 

You mean, it *is* possible to have 4 and 5 side-by-side with the same apache as 
modules? I thought I read somewhere that this isn't possible, at least not with 
the modules, one would need to run one of them as CGI.

> If this is development you can also simply switch back and forth between the 
> two. That's what I do - wrote a simple script that takes 4 or 5 as parameter 
> and then uninstalls php, installs the apropriate rpms from a directory on my 
> local box and then puts the config file in place. Takes about 15 seconds and 
> works well enough for me.

It's not for development, it's for a site I sponsor and I thought we try and see 
if the site works on PHP5 and just jump right to PHP5. I wanted an easy way to 
switch back to PHP4/between the two until any problems are sorted out and we can 
stay on PHP5. Installing/removing the PHP4 or 5 package-set may just provide the 
same, I agree.


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