[CentOS] Sound cards for Centros

Bernard Lheureux bernard.lheureux at bbsoft4.org
Thu May 18 12:20:29 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 08:16 -0400, William Warren wrote:
You play on words, but it is not the good idea if you want to have a
full support for exotic soundcards and so on, you'd better use a
worstation minded distro as FedoraCore which will have a better range of
supported soundcards because the kernels are built with options that are
perferably used on personnal computers but CentOS and RHEL are built
with enterprise point of view for longer live but they will support less
hardware because they are more exotic... and risk to drive the
distibution to unstability...

> actually centos is an enterprise server AND workstation solution.  I a 
> Centos workstaiton at a non-profit i volunteer for which i use to 
> monitor the windows network there.  Centos is far from a server only 
> distro.  It is based on RHEL which is for both servers and workstations.
> Bernard Lheureux wrote:
> > On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 07:41 -0400, M.Hockings wrote:
> > A soundcard for a server ????
> > Why ??? What do you want to do with that machine, CentOS is built for
> > SERVER PURPOSES and if you want to make a workstation linux-based I
> > advise you to prefarably use Fedora Core or another desktop optimized
> > distribution but CentOS (not Centros ;-)) is based on RedHat Enterprise
> > Linux and is done to be a SERVER SOLUTION...
> > 
> >> What sound cards are recognized by Centros?  I have installed it on an 
> >> old 400MHz IBM Aptiva that has Crystal Audio built-in.  However it does 
> >> not seem to recognize that, nor a Sound Blaster, nor a Sound Blaster 16 
> >> that I have tried.
> >>
> >> Any cheapo cards that it would recognize?
> >>
> >> Mike
> >>
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