[CentOS] LiveCD different sums but file size match

Maciej Żenczykowski maze at cela.pl
Sat May 20 23:53:27 UTC 2006

This just means that your download most likely got very slightly corrupted 
somewhere during download - it might be a single lit bit which flipped, or 
it might be major.

The best solution would be to resume the download via bittorrent or via 
rsync to redownload only the part (most likely way < 1%) which differs. 
If you can't use the above (not sure if there is a torrent for it...) then 
you'll have to delete and redownload -- or burn anyway and hope for the 
best :)

As for rsync - I'd suggest finding an rsync capable server 
(mirror2.kernel.org comes to mind, not sure if it carries the liveCD) and 
trying rsyncing from it... (read up on man rsync, although it's not
light reading).

As a starting point the following will likely work (one line) - remember 
to include the proper path to the destination file (last parameter) or to 
have it in the current dir:

   rsync -vv --stats -rlptDHSzP --delete

(not all the options are needed but I'm riping of my own script which does 
site wide mirroring)


On Sat, 20 May 2006, Alain Reguera wrote:

> Hello,
> I just downloaded the very great CentOS LiveCD and have some issue with the 
> sum.
> when I do md5sum -c md5sum.livecd they simply don't match.
> But when check the size file with the file size posted by johnny in the 
> announce
> http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-announce/2006-May/012905.html
> They both match (in 717729792 bytes)
> Probably I am doing something wrong, just to be sure before burn it.
> I used the url:
> http://styx.biochem.wfubmc.edu/mirror/CentOS/4.3/isos/i386/
> Regards,
> --alain
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