64-bit Centos (was Re: [CentOS] Congrats to CentOS at Home Folding Team)

Wed May 10 23:19:41 UTC 2006
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

Chris Mauritz wrote:
> Max H. wrote:
>> Congrats to the CentOS at Home Folding Team! I see we're creeping up to 
>> break the 700 rank for teams.
> We should make even more headway soon as I just took delivery of a 
> bunch of dual opteron systems which need to be stress tested for a few 
> weeks prior to deployment.  8-)
> Cheers,

....which reminds me.  I haven't delved into the 64-bit CentOS on 
production machines yet.  Are there any glaring potential gotchas for 
generic LAMP type usage?  They won't be doing anything exotic...just 
serving up web content and perhaps replace some dedicated DNS/bind and 
mail/postfix boxes.  All the old systems being replaced are currently 
running CentOS 3.7 and I'd like to start migrating everything to 64-bit 4.3.