[CentOS] Re: gnome 2.12 via yum?

Tue May 30 03:30:23 UTC 2006
Rex Dieter <rdieter at math.unl.edu>

Johnny Hughes wrote:

> If you add the lastest KDE via the kde-redhat project to centos-4 ....
> or if there were a project that offered to upgrade gnome from 2.8 to
> another version (say 2.12) .... then you are no longer using centos.
> You would have a hodgepodge of programs that are not really enterprise
> stable, nor really designed to work together.  Not that there is
> anything wrong with that, and Rex does a great job w/ the kde-redhat
> project ... it is just not that stable on top of CentOS ...

IMO, it's pretty darn stable.  Are you privy to information I'm not?
Or... perhaps simply your definition of "just not that stable" is
different than mine.

-- Rex