[CentOS] Desktop cleared after reboot through VNC

Benjamin Smith lists at benjamindsmith.com
Tue Nov 7 17:01:53 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 03:18, Michael Velez wrote:
> I guess I corrupted the desktop when I rebooted through VNC but I don't know
> how to get it back.
> Is there a way of retrieving this without having to delete this user and
> creating a new one?

Guessing sucks. Always try to figure out what's going on! Leaving this unknown 
can only lead to trouble down the road - it's always better to spend some 
time and find out whassup. You'll find out something bad has happened, or 
you'll learn how to better identify if something bad is happening later. 
Either way, you're ahead! 

Different WM have different locations for Desktop. KDE's desktop is usually in 
~/Desktop. Check out that folder. 

If you really think corruption is in order, you might want to check your 
entire f/s with e2fsck: 

# shutdown -Fr now; 

Otherwise, you might have to recover from backups. (you DO have backups, 

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