[CentOS] best repo for perl-IO-Zlib perl-Archive-Tar

R Lists06 lists06 at abbacomm.net
Wed Nov 8 16:09:31 UTC 2006

With all due respect to the various people, their hard work and associated
repos, where is the best place to do a yum install for these two packages
below in regards to an internet facing production Centos 4.4 server


I noticed dag and karan repos appear to have it and my experience and
research tells me that using CPAN is not an option for possible problems at
times (no disrespect intended)

background: spamassassin and sa-update

sa-update complains about Can't locate Archive/Tar.pm in @INC etc etc blah 

research showed that it *appears* they are in fedora core "core" yet
evidentally not in the upstream "core"???

thanks and kind regards,

 - rh

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   Computer & Internet Services
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