[CentOS] php-mcrypt extension

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Thu Nov 9 03:21:21 UTC 2006

Shaun T. Erickson wrote:
> I see that there are a plethora of php extensions available as rpms,
> from the centos repositories, but not the php-mcrypt extension. I'm
> trying to stick to an rpm-only system and haven't found one that
> provides this, yet, for my 4.4 system.
> Is there any plan to add this to the repository in the near future (if
> at all)? Does anyone know where I can get it, otherwise? I see there
> is one for FC4. Perhaps I can do a --rebuild on it?

Get SRPM for PHP.  Edit the php.spec file and add subpackages for any
extensions you might want, and rebuild using that spec file.  The
php.spec file is nicely organized.  What you need to change is the
configure command (add extensions you want), and define new subpackages
for your extensions (copy&paste definitions for existing subpackages and
change names).  It's fairly trivial.  If you have problems with editing
it, let me know and I could send you the php.spec file I'm using (that
has mcrypt extension enabled among other things).

BTW, once you have "custom" PHP subpackage installed (for example
php-mcrypt), you'll have to rebuild it by hand every time there is a
security update.  The dependencies will prevent automatic upgrade of
main php package (php-* subpackages always depend on exactly the same
version of main php package).  There's an update for PHP coming (Red Hat
already released it for RHEL4).  You might want to wait for a day or two
for CentOS to release it, and than rebuild.

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