[CentOS] ipsec-tools with cisco vpn client

Alex Palenschat alex at nssmgmt.com
Tue Nov 14 21:42:53 UTC 2006

> Scenarios are:
> - ipsec-tools with Cisco vpn client

Hmmm... I only run non-graphical servers and ipsec-tools without RH gui
gives me a major headache...

> - pptpd with Windows XP native client

We ran this and it works fine, but throughout it's life had to do lot's
of patching and kernel recompiling. Not sure if that is the case now as
we've moved on. Two other MAJOR issue with this:
1: is that it's password based and if you allow users to pick passwords
then be prepared for compromise.
2: you cannot have more than one connection to the same server from
behind NAT. We'd always run into this with tradeshows ;) all the reps
would stay at the same hotel and only one could use the vpn at a time.
Get ready for a lot of upset reps (of course you may not have this

> - OpenVPN with OpenVPN Windows client

Very slick, add rpmforge repo, yum install openvpn  and go to town. I
have no major complaints with this system and it's very NAT friendly
compared to the other two options.

My 2 cents,


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