[CentOS] Directory Server

Ralph Angenendt ra+centos at br-online.de
Wed Nov 15 12:13:51 UTC 2006

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Leonardo Vilela Pinheiro wrote:
>> Did Red Hat release a stable (non-beta) and GPL version of Directory
>> Server, or Fedora Directory Server is the only thing we have now?
>> Can we have it on centosplus or extras?
> If the Java problem somehow can be met, I might take a look at it (or at
> the src.rpms which RedHat provides). But those are only for 1.0.2 -
> though I guess they should work with 1.0.4.

Okay, the src.rpms are completely useless, building balks out at the
earliest level. I have no idea in which environment those might work.

The ds-build process works and throws out a perfectly installable rpm.
It is even possible to build with java (so that you have the shiny
console) and without java.

But I don't really want to put out an rpm for something without being
able to provide the src.rpms for it.

Second thing is: The build process pulls in pretty many external
dependencies. All of these should be checked for license issues (though
I didn't see any real problems, but I only did a short check).

Third: The Fedora Trademark probably has to be pulled out (meaning that
graphical elements have to be replaced).

I'd say that it's not really prime time for releasing Fedora Directory
Server at the moment - Java and no working src.rpms being the issues
where I see problems.

Any other opinions on that?


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