[CentOS] Re: Replay mail to test MTA + filtering

Ugo Bellavance ugob at camo-route.com
Wed Nov 15 22:53:24 UTC 2006

MrKiwi wrote:
> Hi All,
> My kit : Centos4.4 + Postfix + SA + ClamAV (not that its relevant)
> General question - Does anyone know of a product which can take a folder 
> / mbox
> of mail (spam, ham, virus infected stuff, scam mail and hoaxes) and 
> "replay" it back
> against a test server to determine the servers ability to filter?
> I have looked at some low level (IP) packet replayers, but i cant really 
> find anything suitable
> at the mail/smtp level.
> It would have to "simulate" connections from external IP addresses to 
> allow RBL etc to work and
> also i guess i would have to choose an "MTA style" of the sender to be 
> simulated so that the MTA
> i am testing can do its thing when some tries something which fails the 
> smtpd_*_restrictions tests.
> It will probably be the case that i need to "recapture" the mail at a 
> higher detail, as an RFC compliant
> unit of mail in my mailbox doesn't tell me anything about how the smtp 
> conversation went, and certainly
> doesn't allow me to recreate the conversation.
> Is anyone building something like this?

Check roundhouse.  www.snertsoft.com

> Any hints appreciated.
> Regards,
> MrKiwi

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