[CentOS] pppd and radius

Alex Palenschat alex at nssmgmt.com
Fri Nov 17 20:40:04 UTC 2006

> As I recall the Cistron sources still build on centos-4, but 
> freeRadius is the future, and also builds on centos.  I do not 
> know the patches you are thinking of to the pppd; I assume we 
> are talking about a multiport serial card to be worth the 
> effort?  More details are needed, but it should all still work 
> just as it did on RHL7.

Yes, it's a rocketmodem/port multi card. 
> I am probably the last subscriber still on the RH PPP list, 

I joined just to look at the archives. Not much traffic there ;)

> and at one time published a patch for an option back in the 
> RHL days which fixed a broken RH option in the PPPD package 
> for Windows unit support.  Ask with specific questions if you 
> hit a hard spot -- I still have two dialup ISP clients running 
> local modem pools.

For the record I ended up downloading the source for ppp 2.4.4 which now
includes a radius plugin. So at least there is no patching required (the
patch is still out there, but I think it's for 2.4.1). It would be nice
to have someone maintain an RPM in a reputable repo for it, but I really
wonder how much need there is for this particular configuration. 
It would be interesting to find out what if anything others are doing to
provide dialin services with CentOS. With broadband getting cheaper and
hot-spots becoming more accessible we find far less need, but there are
always those situations...


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