[CentOS] Configuring Multiple Gateways

Gary Richardson gary.richardson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 22:22:22 UTC 2006

You may be able to do something with the 'ip' command. In particular, I
think you need to do some googling for "source routing" or something

Typically you can only have one active default gateway and you need to use
something like BGP so your box knows which route is the shortest to a
destination. Either that, or you'll have to manually pick which route a
particular subnet takes.

Is this primarily for incoming or outgoing traffic? If it's outgoing, you
can probably do some load sharing. If it's incoming, you'll probably want to
rethink what you're doing.

On 11/22/06, Matthew Martz <mdmartz at gflug.net> wrote:
> I'm in need of installing two NICs in a machine that are connected to 2
> different public networks and I need both IP addresses accessible from the
> outside.  The IPs are part of two completely different subnets.
> For example:
> eth0
>      IP -
>      GW -
> eth1
>      IP -
>      GW -
> How can I configure 2 gateways on this server?
> Thanks!
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