[CentOS] Configuring Multiple Gateways

Sean Cardus scardus at zebrahosts.net
Thu Nov 23 09:52:23 UTC 2006

Matthew Martz <mailto:mdmartz at gflug.net> wrote on 22 November 2006 18:43:

> I'm in need of installing two NICs in a machine that are connected to
> 2 different public networks and I need both IP addresses accessible
> from the outside.  The IPs are part of two completely different
> subnets. 
> How can I configure 2 gateways on this server?

I asked about and configured something similar to this a few years back on a
Debian box.


# ip rule add from xxx.yy.234.131 lookup 1
# ip route add 0/0 via xxx.yy.234.129 table 1
# ip rule add from aaa.bbb.80.144 lookup 2
# ip route add 0/0 via aaa.bbb.80.130 table 2

Hope this helps...


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