[CentOS] sysfs udev hald -_-

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Fri Nov 24 11:48:20 UTC 2006

>>> How do I get whatever system to register the new partition short of 
>>> rebooting the box?
>>> _______________________________________________
>> Got to reboot if you change the partition that contains / mount or if
>> the partition can not be locked for writing.
> sfdisk -R ...
> Used to do the trick. I can't remember if the device is needed. Man
> sfdisk will fill in the details.

 From the man page:

"-R     Only  execute  the  BLKRRPART ioctl (to make the kernel re-read 
the partition table).  This  can  be  useful  for  checking advance 
that  the final BLKRRPART will be successful, and also when you changed 
the partition table ‘by hand’ (e.g., using  dd from  a  backup).   If 
the  kernel complains (‘device busy for revalidation (usage  =  2)’) 
then  something  still  uses  the device,  and you still have to unmount 
some file system, or say swapoff to some swap partition."

Interesting part about the swap partition. So it might go for both / and 
any swap partition.

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