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Fri Nov 24 11:56:00 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-11-24 at 19:48 +0800, Feizhou wrote:
> >>> How do I get whatever system to register the new partition short of 
> >>> rebooting the box?
> >>> _______________________________________________
> >> Got to reboot if you change the partition that contains / mount or if
> >> the partition can not be locked for writing.
> > 
> > sfdisk -R ...
> > 
> > Used to do the trick. I can't remember if the device is needed. Man
> > sfdisk will fill in the details.
>  From the man page:
> "-R     Only  execute  the  BLKRRPART ioctl (to make the kernel re-read 
> the partition table).  This  can  be  useful  for  checking advance 
> that  the final BLKRRPART will be successful, and also when you changed 
> the partition table ‘by hand’ (e.g., using  dd from  a  backup).   If 
> the  kernel complains (‘device busy for revalidation (usage  =  2)’) 
> then  something  still  uses  the device,  and you still have to unmount 
> some file system, or say swapoff to some swap partition."
> Interesting part about the swap partition. So it might go for both / and 
> any swap partition.

Right ...

I just reboot if I mess with the / partition via fdisk :)

If a machine is so important that it can't be off long enough to reboot,
it needs a standby connected by something like DRBD :)

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