[CentOS] Calling All FS Fanatics

karl at klxsystems.net karl at klxsystems.net
Mon Oct 2 23:53:41 UTC 2006

For our mysql servers we use reiserfs, which we install via a kernel rpm.

We then install reiserfs-tools rpm, and do some work on /etc/fstab and
some mount commands to get it all functioning.

We do this for performance and redundancy.

The daemons you run will likely have a say in which filesystem you plan to
deploy, good idea to post to those lists as well.  e.g. "Squid performs
horrible on RAID5, and it doesn't use SMP, it likes ext3 just fine because
of how it works".

Names some daemons, you'll probably get alot of opinions from people
fairly close to their respective code-bases, or their shadowy minions ; )


> Now that I've been enlightened to the terrible write performance of ext3
> on my
> new 3Ware RAID 5 array, I'm stuck choosing an alternative filesystem. I
> benchmarked XFS, JFS, ReiserFS and ext3 and they came back in that order
> from
> best to worst performer.
> I'm leaning towards XFS because of performance and because centosplus
> makes
> kernel modules available for the stock kernel.
> How's the reliability of XFS? It's certainly been around long enough.
> Anyone care to sway me one way or another?
> Kirk Bocek
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