[CentOS] looking for 4.2 minimal kickstart

Steve Finley finley at privacynetworks.com
Tue Oct 10 16:24:37 UTC 2006

Shawn K. O'Shea wrote:
> Andrew Zahn wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am looking for an example of a kickstart file for a simple, minimal 
>> server install. I don't need any graphical apps just ssh, httpd and 
>> development tools. It seems that even when I specify only the 
>> packages I want many other packages are installed making the install 
>> very large. Any links to guides or example kickstart files would be 
>> great.
> I'd suggest grabbing the CentOS server install CD from your favorite 
> mirror (for example: 
> ftp://mirrors.secsup.org/pub/linux/centos/4.4/isos/i386/CentOS-4.4.ServerCD-i386.iso) 
> Then install this on a piece of hardware, customizing during install 
> as you see fit. When the install is complete, you'll find a kickstart 
> file in root's home directory called ananconda-ks.cfg representing the 
> choices you made during install.
> Either use that directly or tweak further to your needs.
> -Shawn
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And the list of rpm files that are installed are in the install.log file.

For full control, you might consider only loading the base group (the 
and then creating your own minimal group with "mandatory" directives in
CentOS/base/comps.xml once you figure out the set of rpm's you require.

Steve Finley

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