[CentOS] Re: migrating servers (advice)

Barry Brimer lists at brimer.org
Fri Oct 13 23:18:42 UTC 2006

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006, Scott Silva wrote:

> Ajay Sharma spake the following on 10/13/2006 11:42 AM:
>> Hi,
>> I'm about to copy the contents of one server onto another.  The "plan"
>> that I've come up with is:
>> 1) boot the new server with a live disc, partition accordingly
>> 2) a big tar-over-ssh for the /boot, and root partitions (that's all
>> there is)
>> 3) adjust the fstab so that it'll find the new scsi partitions vs. the
>> old ATA ones.
>> 3) then chroot into the new system and run grub to initialize the
>> bootloader.
>> I'm switching a server from a single HD to a SCSI mirror on our new
>> machine.  So it has a different partition setup and I don't want to mess
>> with resizing.
>> Does that sound about right to get the machine booted?  I'm sure there
>> will be some other minor things but I can sort that out once I get the
>> data over and the machine booted.
>> --Ajay
> If it boots from a different type of drive, you will have to re-create the
> initrd's. Might be a good idea anyway. You can usually insmod any drivers you
> need and the mkinitrd script "usually" puts them in the initrd.

I believe the mkinitrd reads the /etc/modprobe.conf to determine what 
modules to include in the initrd, not the loaded modules.


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