[CentOS] 3Ware 9550SX-4LP Performance

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Mon Oct 16 20:18:05 UTC 2006

The mobo I'm using in this setup allows downshifting PCI-X slots to 100 and 66
Mhz. Alas, it's in production now and I'm not able to test those configurations.

Kirk Bocek

Michael Kress wrote:
> Kirk Bocek wrote:
>> 3Ware's site advertises 300MB/Sec writes using 8 disks on the PCI
>> Express version of this card (the 9580 I think.) I'm guessing 4x PCI
>> Express has more bandwidth but 133Mhz 64-bit PCI-X is no slouch. The
>> only two things I need to change are to put the disks in 3GB/Sec SATA
>> mode (they're in 1.5GB/Sec mode right now) and to enable memory
>> interleaving on the motherboard (I only have two sticks of memory,
>> this M/B needs 4 for interleaving.) But I don't think these things
>> should drop me down to the write performance of a single IDE disk.
> Has somebody made experience with PCI-X-133MHz and PCI-X-66MHz?
> With my board there's not much difference. I even have the feeling, that
> driving a 9550SXU-4LP at PCI-X-66MHz is a bit faster than at 133. At
> least bonnie++ gives me slightly faster values @ 66.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions on improving write performance?
> see above. :)
> TIA - Michael

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