[CentOS] Gnome's profiles tool?

Jordi Espasa Clofent jordi.listas at multivia.com
Wed Oct 25 08:20:39 UTC 2006

> You won't be able to use Sabayon to build profiles on a CentOS box.  As
> you discovered, there are a lot of dependencies that will require
> upgrading to non-CentOS package versions.  Sabayon is really built for
> Gnome 2.10 and up (I believe 2.12+ is preferred).


> What you can do is grab the sabayon RPM from FC4, and install it on a
> CentOS 4 box with the rpm commands "--nodeps" option.  That gives you
> 50% of the solution.  sabayon-admin is the other 50%, and for that
> you'll have to use FC4 - it will not run on CentOS 4.

What a pity!

> So, you can use FC4 to build/create your Gnome profiles with
> sabayon-admin, and then copy those profiles over to your CentOS box.
> The profiles will be applied by sabayon, which _does_ run in CentOS
> (even though not all dependencies can be met). Although the profiles
> will have been built on FC4, which came with Gnome 2.10 (I believe),
> they will still work in CentOS 4, which comes with Gnome 2.8.  gconf is
> backwards compatible: new gconf keys are ignored in older versions of
> gconf.  Well, that's how it's supposed to work, anyway.

Curious method. The "trouble" is I would need to mount a FC system in other 
box only for this purpose.

> I hope that makes sense.  I posted a more detailed step-by-step to the
> sabyon list: check it out for more info.

Yes Ranbir, I've read it before:

> BTW, I doing this for one of my clients that is running a Linux thin
> client environment (Thinstation + CentOS 4.4).  Works great, no
> problems.

Ok, good for you. I've done all you specify in refered post and if I execute 
sabayon binary I get a python error.


¿Is there another way/tool to create/manage GNOME profiles?

Thanks for info.

Jordi Espasa Clofent

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